Monday, December 15, 2008

One step closer

.One step many  meanings can be derived out of it ..7th semester down one step closer to my degree… but when I turn around I think there are much more important things that the world has come closer to .. a national disaster ..I wish it has now put us one step closer to resolving or atleast an attempt to resolving an impending issue..

In any case you don’t see Tendulkar talking about anything but Mumbai even after he scored a magnificent century today  ..I see a steely resolve in the youth of today after what happened in Mumbai but as some correspondent with CNBC said yesterday ..” I felt the same when India went to war in Kargil but what happened, even years later we stand at the same ground facing the same problems…

Isn’t our country funny at times..we respond ..but we respond knee jerk.. 10 days of drama all over but then what happens everthing settles down … waiting again for something big to happen again when we will rise..  but if I ask myself what am I doing .. I can atleast say I am trying to convey what each one of us feel just that we hide these emotions somewhere down below us..this very chalta hai  attitude is killing us..we are waiting for something to happen to someone close to us and only then we will put in demands for  the execution of the likes of Afzal Guru.. afterall that’s what those unfortunate relatives are doing these days even after 7 long years have passed following the December 13th attack on the parliament.

The Government is finally coming out from the hood and now it plans to pass supposedly stringent laws to deal with terrorists ..tell me anyone what law can do when you are confronting people who don’t care whether they live infact they are so filled with this thought that death is a way to heaven… what can you actually do with these people with such steely and spine chilling resolve.. We are no kids and neither are any of the men handling the power..there is only one way to solve it all… kill the mushrooms before they become poison… these training camps spread all over Pakistan about which virtually every news correspondent knows about but neither our government leave alone their government are doing anything about it..

What are we scared of.. I and everyone else was always taught that truth prevails over everything at the end.. then why is truth losing each day…why was Hemant Karkare and all his associates killed if truth was supposed to prevail  or is it just a never ending battle which has no end…

But this was that then why shouldn’t we go the US way.. man one strike on my country and your country would be raised to dust..why not this steely resolve… see what US did to Iraq and to Afghanistan.. I don’t say I support military action but I will not be that Gita clutching Hindu in a far dark corner of my room hoping that Shri Krishna will come and save us all from these dastardly’s us and its only us who can do something about it.. one 9/11 and see where these days the Taliban are … one 26/11 I am waiting ........ for you Mr PM….



Diwakar said...

gud one....lets c how many 26/11 can ever get to 9/11! sometimes the same India-ism which we are so proud of is eating us badly.

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