Monday, December 15, 2008

One step closer

.One step many  meanings can be derived out of it ..7th semester down one step closer to my degree… but when I turn around I think there are much more important things that the world has come closer to .. a national disaster ..I wish it has now put us one step closer to resolving or atleast an attempt to resolving an impending issue..

In any case you don’t see Tendulkar talking about anything but Mumbai even after he scored a magnificent century today  ..I see a steely resolve in the youth of today after what happened in Mumbai but as some correspondent with CNBC said yesterday ..” I felt the same when India went to war in Kargil but what happened, even years later we stand at the same ground facing the same problems…

Isn’t our country funny at times..we respond ..but we respond knee jerk.. 10 days of drama all over but then what happens everthing settles down … waiting again for something big to happen again when we will rise..  but if I ask myself what am I doing .. I can atleast say I am trying to convey what each one of us feel just that we hide these emotions somewhere down below us..this very chalta hai  attitude is killing us..we are waiting for something to happen to someone close to us and only then we will put in demands for  the execution of the likes of Afzal Guru.. afterall that’s what those unfortunate relatives are doing these days even after 7 long years have passed following the December 13th attack on the parliament.

The Government is finally coming out from the hood and now it plans to pass supposedly stringent laws to deal with terrorists ..tell me anyone what law can do when you are confronting people who don’t care whether they live infact they are so filled with this thought that death is a way to heaven… what can you actually do with these people with such steely and spine chilling resolve.. We are no kids and neither are any of the men handling the power..there is only one way to solve it all… kill the mushrooms before they become poison… these training camps spread all over Pakistan about which virtually every news correspondent knows about but neither our government leave alone their government are doing anything about it..

What are we scared of.. I and everyone else was always taught that truth prevails over everything at the end.. then why is truth losing each day…why was Hemant Karkare and all his associates killed if truth was supposed to prevail  or is it just a never ending battle which has no end…

But this was that then why shouldn’t we go the US way.. man one strike on my country and your country would be raised to dust..why not this steely resolve… see what US did to Iraq and to Afghanistan.. I don’t say I support military action but I will not be that Gita clutching Hindu in a far dark corner of my room hoping that Shri Krishna will come and save us all from these dastardly’s us and its only us who can do something about it.. one 9/11 and see where these days the Taliban are … one 26/11 I am waiting ........ for you Mr PM….


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sub 11000 just the tip of the iceberg

It amazes me how suddenly the once “ galloping economy “suddenly takes a plummet to the bottom.. A < 11000 sensex , a double digit inflation rate what not .
So what do you think the reason could be ..Is it just a passing phase or years of undoing by the current genre of those ruling this country.. On the face of it looks the earlier one .
However you dig deep and you can easily find how rotten the core could be.
The recent Bihar floods is a horrifying example of what the vote bank politics has come down to. To gain the extra mileage a so called leader of this country thought that when the poor men from the villages are fighting ever rising waters and all the grim situations associated with it what better way can be to help them than by distributing 100 rupees notes .
The vote bank politics is undoing whatever progress we made in the recent past .Its easier to put a duck at the helm and expect it to rule the country better. All that they are talking about is whether Live –ins are legal or not or whether to allow gay marriages in the country. Get a life man. There are much more vital things to be talked about.

Another so called leader needs a definite mention here. A horrible Singh from UP who prefers to patronize terrorists killed in encounter by condemning the encounter at Batla house . Ok ofcourse vote bank politics but he should have stopped there what he went on to say on record was nothing short of a cheap mean act .To point a finger on the cop who laid down his life for the country. That cop who dared to barge in a terrorist hideout and shoot putting all in his life at stake definitely deserves something better than mud slinging even after his death.
Never knew that the land which boasts of martyrs of the likes of Bhagat Singh and Rajguru now treats one of the same clan in this way.

“Industrialization is the one of the major factors in improving the face of any area no matter how remote it could be “Our Ms Banerjee begs to differ .Singrur was on the verge of upliftment with the coveted Nano project which would have brought in huge capital to the earlier almost non existent place. But who the hell gives a damn to modernization and upliftment all that Ms Banerjee wants are a few more votes. Man kill your “CM dreams” you don’t deserve to be one.

Not too far from the Bengal land lies the state which is almost every time in news for all the wrong reasons. Be it cyclones , food shortage ,political turmoil , burning Catholics in a jeep what not has this state faced and now the Christians are being killed all over the state for the death of some Swami somewhere . Just yesterday the Hindu stated that the killing was done by Maoists .Now tell me all the saffron wielding protectors of the religion. Should not all of you be hanged in public for the dastardly act of yours all over the state . I too follow the religion that you boasts of following with fervor but tell me one Granth one book one sermon which teaches you of violence. So don’t give me that shit about religion and everything else related to it. All that these murders are ..they are nothing but murders. In a recent editorial an eminent journalist said that India is perhaps the only country where murderers are not just murderers but they are Hindus and Muslims. I fail to interpret what religion a man can follow who explodes a bomb in the heart of a city killing innocent people whom he didn’t even know. I was reading the profiles of some of the most cruel serial killers who just killed for the sake of killing because they enjoyed killing . Same is the case with all these terrorists they kill just for the sake of killing and hence they deserve to meet the same end ..the gallows or the bullets .. No patronizing No human rights nothing . You don’t bestow thou gentleness on people who take away human life in mass numbers just for the sake of it. Calling any terrorist by his name is a crime he is not anyone because as soon as you take a name people find a religion in it which is in correct .. A terrorist is just a terrorist who is a bane to the societyand to the religion because no law no religion will ever vouch for a man who killed his fellow homo sapiens just for the sake of it. So anyone who associates a terrorist to a religion or a sect is doing another act of terrorism as he is spreading communal disharmony and it is us the citizens of this country who should condemn it and spread the message of love and peace amidst the chaos that is purposely spread by some petty politicians. ... Wake up this country needs you.. Cast your vote rightly is the first step to it...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Be the change !!

"Power corrupts Power,
Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely"

"Papa are you okie"?? I buzzed him as a heart skipped a beat as soon as I heard of bombs go off in CP.Life is so tricky at times if that’s the correct word to use.Some one sitting in some far distant shady corner of this world suddenly becomes a life changer .
I promised today that I will not miss on telling my loved one's day in and day out that how much I love and respect them. Who knows when you lose the chance. Some very unfortunate people lost that chance today I hope that all those who died a martyr to the dastardly act did not lose on too much things to say to there loved one’s.
Who could have imagined that a stroll in the park would turn out to be a walk up to heaven?
When will we wake up… What are we actually waiting for..What is happening in this country.Are we not becoming another Palestine.Do you know what are we waiting for ..We are waiting for a daughter or son of a famous personality ( Read Politicians) to die in these acts of terrorism . All they know is to send condolences messages from AC rooms and go back to their very same mud slinging manners.
Nobody absolutely nobody cares for the man that lives on the streets..The one’s who crowd your market..Who travel in metros you make..Who fills your vote bank..Nobody gives a damn to the common masses. You die in a bomb blast or you die in saving corrupt ministers(Read 13th December).All your family gets are few condolence messages and maybe a medal or two. But think about that son who lost his father,their only earning member..think about that woman who at 75 years lost his son..think about that widow who after just 2 years of marriage lost her doting husband.Tell me my dear fellow Indians..I must add "So called fellow Indians"..Who the hell of a bureaucrat is wiping tears of these people.Who is giving a shoulder for them to cry..
What has our country come to ..Some bloody terrorist enters the heart of your country , explodes bombs and walks off. And all we hear are some messages of faith and trust on the news from those corrupt politicians .Tell me my dear minister whom should I trust ..someone who brandishes bundles of notes in the assembly.Kashmir is like a game for all of you,you like to use it as trump card in times of need.How many of my dear readers think that India is actually planning to sort this problem of Kashmir in the near future.I must disappoint you at this stage if you think so.All that the famous political gurus of this country are in no mood to solve it at all...Why would be an obvious question ..Simple when there is no problem in Kashmir what would give the so called secular forces in this country something to debate and comment upon to fill in their vote banks.60 years have passed by thousands of soldiers from both sides have lost their life to a cause that is something like a black hole..Something that we have entered into but there is no way out. As a youth of this country I should find the way out
I may have been lucky to have escaped the direct impact of these blasts in the heart of not just the nation but also in the hearts and minds of the 116 crore of population living in this country . But all of us have to be lucky each and every time.Some of them we not so lucky today .I pay my homage to them..I too am a culprit doing nothing but just few words. How hard am I trying to “Be the change"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Get a life Mr Counterfort

Once upon a time there lived a man who was as primitive as the carbon rock found in the heart of the Indus valley Civilization . All he knew was to study study and do some more study . He didn’t bother whether his pupils were eating banana pie at the front benches or whether some creature was moving in a Brownian motion. All he cared for is that his class happens

“As such” if you come across this man you are bound to accept two facts ..First,which all acknowledge, is the fact that he is brilliantly gifted. However his gift of brilliance is exceedingly overshadowed by the other brilliance he possesses. His brilliant gift of being so brilliantly boring. Well I just sounded like him…Immensely confusing.

An excerpt from a recent conversion

“As such on the previous Monday due to some strange reason you people did not attend the drawing class and hence it stands shifted on the Friday at 2pm. As such since your class at 10:20am on Friday is cancelled due to the absence of the professor , the other faculty members(Read Mr Counterfort ) are accountable for the presence of all the students hence I shall take the class at 10:20 am as well. Now since my class is at 11:15am and mind you ..(another one coming ) ..You have bunked your tutorial class on last to last Wednesday so I shall take an extra class at 12:10 pm on Friday.”

Today the attendance before the first internal assessment was supposed to be announced . For a change nobody was even interested in hearing where they stand in Mr.Counterfort’s paper. Reason :”First time ever has a Prof. taken 44 classes in just over a month’s period. Perhaps 1st time in history of NIT . Now tell me who is accountable for this torture of 6 Drawing Class + 26 lectures.

However to every problem there is solution . First the solution for this Friday was to be found out. Simple first half of the day belongs to the students. Enjoyed my day lazing around. Some found time to get a hair cut, others to post letters or maybe get over the last night’s hangover etc etc.
See there is always a solution. The trick is to make Mr Counterfort lose count of the number of classes lost to Mass Bunks , Company Visits so on and so forth.

One fine day I decided to take an extremely dangerous step. To walk into the hallowed cabin of this man for a simple work which in terms of mere mortals we call it “Printout”. What followed was a lecture on MS-Word …on how a color printer works..Why my text alignment is not according to some IS code..Which anti virus should I use ..I promised and advised all…”No never ..Out of bounds”.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unchained @ NIT-Civil ----Unleashed part 2 !!!!

Last night I forced myself to take a pit stop else things would have gone a little bit out of proportion in my blog anyways I don’t mind that but however some sort of so called web decorum has to be maintained.
Anyways the problem what the “elite” students from the back benches face is as you might guess problems in studies etc etc blah blah…sorry mate you are absolutely wrong..its not studies that we miss on it’s the targets which being so far in the front seat that they are sometimes missed but ya only sometimes. From caricatures to “tum toh thare pardesi”, from novels to mobile games ,to showing off your photographic skills or showing off your mobile collection to all your fellow mates( What collection??!! Do you think this is the perfect place to disclose what type of collection , I mean how do you utilize your 1Gb memory of your phone ..Ask again our dear friend from the land of Maurya.).Just a few months back our friend was caught playing the so called “transistor” in the class. I thankfully hope that the Prof did not hear what was being played else we were sure to be sent to some “moral policing “ classes.

Anyways apart from these so often heard and so often said stories by zillions of seniors there are some real cool stuff college life has given us. Endless corridor cricket “I just broke a major glass last week “….Bang and within seconds all were lost in the penchant corners of the hostel. I faked watching a movie as the “chachu” looked for culprits all around.
All of you must have given a beautiful name by your respected parents but you are always rechristened as something or the other … I became Sandy …Well others…
How about Lacie, Julie ,Dunlop “Pilla” , “Rock..” , so on and so forth….others are supposedly censored by the governing board…
Well the year is still to go and so are we …. So hold on!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The joy of a paper plane flying across and hitting just prefect “points “and then ducking all over to hide your mimicked face when all around you know who the culprit was, can only be understood and enjoyed by those who belong to the elite group of students who try to hog the limelight and well every other “light “ right from the last bench.

Though none of us are good pilots technically speaking but our acts of zooming jets of chalks virtually whizzing past the noses of those obvious targets or sometime stuck in those not so straight hair would give any damn 8 digit earning Pilot a run for his money. Do you feel guilty at times doing this .Nopes ,they deserve it.

I have no regards for anyone who changes love interests at the drop of a hat rather at the availability of maggi plates. Perhaps I am wasting web space writing about this.But anyways our entire engineering degree was a culmination of these short battle grounds and battles fought with missiles and ofcourse all know who the commander was. Before you start pointing fingers towards me. Nopes not me It our dear friend from the land of Maurya.

Stressing more on life in a class is like a myriad hue. The importance of the red beam of laser can only be understood if it is thrown at your face when you are sleeping with your mouth wide open.
I have been a true engineer in my classes I never doubt that and nor should you. I have built so many castles and dream houses in the air that would put our most “efficient” politicians to shame.
Life moves on but these days of college will be cherished by the “targets” we hit and ofcourse by those which we miss.
A dear friend of mine wrote about how rapidly things take a turn and you don’t know when the “interest” you thought you were walking along with is far gone to maybe a better company.Caution !!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

With sincere apologies to Sir Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your minstry when all about you
Are losing theirs and wanting to topple you,
If you can cheat your people when all men trust you
And also make space for your babus too,
If you can steal and not be tired of stealing,
Or being garlanded around, don't serve the country,
Or being coaxed , don't give way to hearing,
And yet don't look into matters, nor talk about development:
If you can fraud --and make criminals your guard,
If you can scam--and never get caught;
If you can lick the CM’s feet each day
And treat the peasants with disdain;
If you can bear to attend parties each day
And yet manage to watch thousands go hungry,
Or watch the lepers out in the winters each night,
And stand atop a hill and drink Blender’s Pride:
If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And know that it will be taller than any Don Bradman’s innings,
And lose not a penny to a noble cause
And never breath a word about your wife’s gloss;
If you can force your officers
To serve your cause even at bars,
And so hold on to the office when there is nothing in your brain
Except the lust which says to you: "Hold on!"
If you can talk with crowds and make false promises,
Or walk with dignitaries—and lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can meet you;
If all women are afraid of you, but none too much,
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of money stolen,
Yours is the India and everything that's in it,
And--which is more--you'll be a MP, my Minister!

Two pints to trouble

Before coming to National Institute of Technology my knowledge of the two “pints” was restricted to some weird knowledge books. Times have changed and so have some definitions what was pentanol earlier now is replaced by VAT69.
The ratio as somebody said last night varies from person to person it ranges from 1:4 to at times in extreme cases to 1:16 …If you are still bewildered by what these ratios mean…just imagine this because I am sure that no matter where you are and which clubs you hang out these ratios always stand valid .The ratio stands for the amount you gulp in to the amount you pretend to gulp in .Teetotaler like me find a quite amazing place in the heart’s of hard core drinkers … Exclamations like “ tu toh mera bhai hai “”sandy tu sabse mast banda hai
“..exclamations and claims like these are quite common but I must say I really love all my beer guzzling and well everthing else guzzling friends..The true honest self comes to the fore..good or bad that’s a different thing …The teetotaler is definitely in for a grand treat if you plan to visit a bar with your friends can always enjoy the so called chakhna and ya not to miss the never ending flow of juices and mocktails.

Though I might be sounding as if I am advocating drinking but I am not.The health hazard,the public nuisance , wastage of enormous money etc etc are all nothing but true. Beside those cute exclamations by friends there are those around me as well who after drinking behave in a way that would put a mad dog to shame. The funny part is that some people take the wine-way to manly hood. Gulp down three pegs and I am the man types ..they will call their ex-girlfriends …latest crushes…. Flames …. Enemies …bang of hostel door ..kick some any and every thing that they can’t do when in senses… Wine way to manly hood.. Such losers.. Anyways Bon drinks to all but be responsible because nobody wants to regret his last drink…

Monday, September 1, 2008

Imagineering a False hope

I fail to interpret at this moment what should I exactly feel .the feeling of someone leaving is like an excruciating pain. the farther the people go the difficult it becomes…

Imagine this and feel the agonizing pain .For an engineer the most proud day of his life could be when he shoots down a job at campus but tell me what should I be happy about because when you turn around to thank the numerous people who have had a significant role in this you find that not all are there to see this day of your life . I lost the teacher whom I respected the most and from whom I learnt virtually everything I know about this “funny language”.

Next when I wanted to thank the person who had the influence in whatever spiritualism I have and the one whom I could say the purest soul my nanaji is too gone forever.
Life and death are such an inseparable cycle that no matter what you do at the fag end of it this is something that will really round you up.
I told someone that I believe in living in the present and when that someone tries to snatch away that present from me tell me how helpless I become. Sometimes it really not easy to be me but at the same time I feel that all that I am feeling today must have been felt by each and every individual that has ever resided on this planet.
How does it feel to be stuck at the cross road when just every thing that’s passing by seems like a haze .All the fast moving cars and the honking of trams nothing but a maze of confused thoughts. Its really difficult out here at the crossroad when you know that one wrong decision and everything that you have worked and fought for can be lost. I am thus at this moment standing at this very time at a place where I am not only confused but also skeptical and afraid .This cross road can very well decide my happiness in life .I don’t want to lose someone whom I have worshipped so honestly .

Well the other thoughts too haunt me ,am I a really bad chap with loads of messed up stuff on his head and what I am getting today in nothing but God’s payback time and what more this is my destiny,my future.

I once felt that once done with my degree I would be finally free from the shackles of living alone but alas things too longed for become their own graves. Are the lonely days ready to be extended by three more years…What three more years …. Well at this stage I would just pray and hope that nothing but just three more years if it happens ..Who knows what I fear for three years might just extend to a life time. Well only time and faith can tell..
Life has its funny ways ..What could have been the most beautiful month of my life turned sour and nothing absolutely nothing went right ..Well the placement was just an aberration …. So will I ever get to rejoice …Well that’s a funny question ..All an all I am just trying to be a better man ...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Afterall work calls @ 6am

The implementation is not as easy as as it looks ..The 45mm squared box stuff becomes a 42 m high exit for steam on Thermal Power Stations. The walkup to the vocational training couldn't have been more spicy and juicy .Well i shall save the same for some other time . Its NTPC time now.

3 days of lectures on various aspects.its more like a cocktail .Add A huge amount of Electrical Engg , A few pints of Mechanical Engg ,Add some IT stuff ..Construction by Civil Guys can never be under estimated( the ice on my cocktail) ,even of they are i would not let that happen .Though I cant really possibly ell you how much I grasped through my multi disciplinary acumen.However I can tell you that even though the RC,LC circuits looked a little far off now a days I did manage to pen down few civil engg stuff and I couldn't help but smile as broad as I can every time the word"Construction " used to pop up in the lectures,though the frequency was as low as that of Microwaves.
The preparation to the power plant visit was like preparing you for a battle at the front post.The security gears,a 45 mins movie based on real life experiences of workers in the NTPC plant.Life is pretty colorful if you have to wake at 6 am , a 2 hr drive to the plant ,churn yourself the whole day and then another 2 hrs and finally home at 6:45.Funny for the last 2 days I have been reaching exactly at 6:45.
Few saving graces would that much awaited call at the lunch hour.
There is one subject where I have pondering a lot over it could in a line could be elaborated as "Locational Disadvantage of the NITs".

Its 9:15pm time to wrap up and sleep .Work calls at 6 am ..

Monday, February 18, 2008

Quality Improvement Program

2 months and counting ..No posts..looks like Sandeep Taterway is really keeping busy ..Anyways nothing like that just an on -off time ... Anyways New Year came and went new year new promises new resolutions etc etc ...
We @ NIT-Civil have started with the GDs on a regular basis ..The first one last Thursday was a enjoyable first session ...
"Is it justified for students from top notch universities to leave the country and go and serve other countries" .. I never knew it was such a hot and touchy topic..It was great fun ..Infact I was one of the most heated and violent of the lot ..wink wink ... In fact I ended up shoving one of the guys sitting next to me..haha ...
Under this "Quality Improvement Program " .. An initiative to help all the students to channelize their potential and also to sharpen skills , We plan to conduct a series of GDs Mock PIs and also Apti Tests with Some Technical Interview add to that some HR stuff ..All in all a complete package before guys walk out from the hallowed corridors of NIT...All know how guys at NIT are ..Pretty too chilled out so rather than just wasting time either sleeping ..AOEing or CSing ..We try to utilize this time in developing whatever skills we can ,and also to make guys ready to face any kind of professional problems ..
Any suggestions are welcome ..And also guys at other NITs can adopt such measures for pre-final year people..

2 months and counting ..No posts..looks like Sandeep Taterway is really keeping busy ..Anyways nothing like that just an on -off time ... Anyways New Year came and went new year new promises new resolutions etc etc ...
We @ NIT-Civil have started with the GDs on a regular basis ..The first one last Thursday was a enjoyable first session ...
"Is it justified for students from top notch universities to leave the country and go and serve other countries" .. I never knew it was such a hot and touchy topic..It was great fun ..Infact I was one of the most heated and violent of the lot ..wink wink ... In fact I ended up shoving one of the guys sitting next to me..haha ...
Under this "Quality Improvement Program " .. An initiative to help all the students to channelize their potential and also to sharpen skills , We plan to conduct a series of GDs Mock PIs and also Apti Tests with Some Technical Interview add to that some HR stuff ..All in all a complete package before guys walk out from the hallowed corridors of NIT...All know how guys at NIT are ..Pretty too chilled out so rather than just wasting time either sleeping ..AOEing or CSing ..We try to utilize this time in developing whatever skills we can ,and also to make guys ready to face any kind of professional problems ..
Any suggestions are welcome ..And also guys at other NITs can adopt such measures for pre-final year people..

Friday, December 14, 2007

India on Wheels !!

There was a time when I was a true follower of the following lines
"Almost all men can stand adversity but if you want to test a man's character give him power "

Some engineer gave the Indians the power to drive and I tell you they have done pathetic..!!
I have yet to see a man or a woman drive the way a car or a bike should be driven.I can really say my Dad is an exception .Anyways leaving him aside ,lets talk about whats happening on the roads.. If you make a donkey drive car it will do better. How many of us have seen the cars meandering right n front of our eyes. How many of us have seen the bike zigzagging as if this was a street act ..Yet my friends we have not even 1 formula one racer and well India on bikes is complete no-no . All these Narayan Kartikayein and so so are to be found on Delhi roads only .
From jumping Red lights to U turns on no turns ,Indians on road are all over the place . An Engineer gives you a flyover and we really know how to make use of it .Use it for late night car and bike races and then end up getting killed or badly injured in accidents .
If urban people are racers villagers aren't doing any better you give them railway crossings and then end up squandering away their life just to save that two mins. I think even Warren Buffet wouldn't be that busy.
How many of us know that the white lines on the roads are not for decorations but actually they are for lane driving ..Sounds Greek right ..I know I know ..
I really wish that our drivers were exposed to some more stringent laws and if not atleast more strict law enforcement agencies.
Anyways drive safely ....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Whats wrong with the Media..!!??

The media is perhaps a contact point between the world and the common man .!! But time has come when we actually begin to question the efficiency of the media..!! How many of us are bugged with the non-sensical news channels.I am sure almost all…

Well the ignition point of this blog too lies there..the thought came after I saw this particular news channel boasts of a breaking news mind you “Breaking News”…Ashwathama is alive ..Gosh this would lead almost all the historians in this country to scratch their heads… and wonder ok are we really talking about the Ashwathama from the Mahabharat Era..

A boy falls in a ditch and over the next 48 hours all the news channel are hovering around shooting pictures rather than saving that poor child .I wonder how do camera men shoot these ghastly pictures because logically if you see an accident you would rather keep your camera down and save the grieved .

Anyways not all the media people are doing this bad. Barkha Dutt is doing a great job.. The Tehelka guy Tarun Tejpal had a good thought in his mind ofcourse though in India even the most corrupted find an alibi and the judiciary system tries its best to save even the worst .Thus Mr.Tejpal having a hell lot of time exposing the worst came as a no surprise to me .

When I was a young boy of say 12 or 13 my parents used to tell me “Son you got to watch the news channels to stay updated “ I wonder what will I tell my son perhaps” Son ,better stay away from the news channels ,because they show you the maximum violence and minimum of relevant news” .I wonder what good can any show like “Vardaat “ or “Jurm” do to the psyche of a young child .No wonder a class 8 kid shot down his own classmate in a Gurgaon school yesterday .

If electronic media is exposing young minds to hell lot of violence and crime ,how can print media stay any far behind . When I was back in St.George’s College ,Mussoorie ,guys used to get the Times Of India for the second page for reasons well known to the Y-Generation.! So well if some years down the line if I have to stop the daily news paper supply to my home, don’t take it as a money-saving measure rather take it as a embarrassment escaping method.!

Today the media can be defined in single word. “Gossip” and nothing else. Gone are the days when a newspaper could bring about a revolution in the country and when the top and the most intellectual minds in the country wrote articles, influential enough to drive men , women and children out of their houses to unite and fight for their motherland.

All that is left on the screens and paper are pretty faces with no substance to hold fort .

Has the world become so non-happening that the media has to resort to absurd news broadcasting to stay afloat. This is a question that the media people need to answer soon because Indian public is not as stupid as they think .Pretty face and flimsy covers wont stay afloat for long . The TRPs will soon be southward bound .So wake up … before its too late ..

As the Curtain falls...

Time goes we say ah !no alas! time stays we go ..only memories remain..its a been a while since I wrote something new ..thanks to the damn damn hectic schedule of the semester exams...

Now all that are left after these 10-11 days are nothing but groggy eyes ..some very tired bodies and not to forget some very interesting memories..

The great Civil Gang-up @ the Chai break @ 10 pm.. Realizing at 12 in the night before Transportation Engg paper that what we have been studying for the last 24 hrs has been a waste of time ..Imagine the cold shiver that runs down your spine.. Chuckles..

CAD was no better…till almost 10pm we were doing our own research work .What in the true words of Dr.R.K.Dutta is “making it click “….Before someone dropped the big bombshell.. Thanks to few dear friends the next few hours were like real spoon feeding ..

Funny seems to be the condition of parents too who ask you after you have slogged for say a day (nobody studies more than that in NIT) “Do you have an exam tomorrow.” ..Poor they ..Anyways not their fault too ..that’s the general state of any Hosteller. . The Curtain Raiser to the Exams were no better..The Pracs..Vivas were funny this time around … In Transportation ..I was bound for the wrong way..Absurd Numbers were dropping off..1355 for a 1370..2025 for a 2055.. Anyways 41/50 didn’t look bad at all in the end ..Though I still wonder how..

Some warriors were the saving grace during the Design Paper ..and I just simply love the IS-456:2000…For reasons well known to the Civil Engineering genre..

But what truly brought the “special” talents to the fore was Environmental Engg..I don’t know what I studied .I really don’t know what he asked and I seriously don’t know what I wrote …but I still managed to fill almost the entire booklet provided… Funny .. as it was nothing but a ‘Ghussi’ paper in true NIT-Lingo..

Anyways I shall be headed home soon ..But before that I better shave..uurrggssss….I don’t want to get kicked out...Chuckles….

Saturday, November 17, 2007

As the world sleeps ..

Sleep perhaps is the most important activity and if you ask any of those fitness gurus ..Mandatory line "Sleep for atleast 8-10 hours at a stretch.." Well I think if these gurus come down to NIT\JNU\IIT they would just handcuff all of us ..!! Well as I begin to write this its almost 2:31 am with my gtalk status "waiting " ...LBC "wink wink "is still to log on so you never know till when we will be up..Well we two are not the only culprits..My two dear roomies are even worse.. One is somewhere playing Counterstrike while the other is my DJ for the night ..Night was beautiful till the last song "Chaudvi ka chand ho ..yah aftaab ho bhi ho khuda ki kasam lajawab ho ..uummmm..feel like humming it all night ..and then a change in the mood ..add some pep to it "Apni toh jaise taise ..thodi aise ya waise ..Amitabh 's classic .. " Poison..Led Zeppelin ..John Denver ..All the flavors for the night the whole night long ..!! Isn't it amazing when at home life retreats back to the bedroom maximum by 11:30 pm ..Institutes like these nurture some real night hawks for the future ..Hey change in song you DJ .."choo lene toh najuk hoton ko..kuch aur nahin jaam hain yeh .."
That daily cup of coffee at 3am .. All gratitude to the daring Nescafe walla..Those groogy eyes all the day..10 minute so called power naps all day ..are all an outcome of these ghastly routines..
Well I know if my parents or relatives read this ..A good scolding is on its way the very next day .. But well isn't this the best parts of being on the campus..I remember atleast a dozen movies that I have myself started seeing at say 3am ... Latest being Om Shanti Om..Well must say it was not worth the efforts ...
When late nights are being discussed ..2 very important "events " are being missed..
The Bihari gang card game ..(28\29)..which has given us the elusive Sunday's Breakfast..Ofocurse if you are up all night playing cards and realize only at 7am that its time to pack up ..Then you are bound to hit the mess sharp at 7:30am..
And the one is perhaps not at all my favorite NIT Lingo "night outs" before exams..I simply hate them ..because perhaps they are the only one's where I actually start feeling sleepy..Urrggss..I hate them..
well its 2:54now and things have drastically changed..My DJ has gone mad " tang karne ka tuse nata hai gujaria ...kaun disha mein le ke chala hai baturia " thats playing in my room..LBC is no where to be found ...Even this laptop is hating me for keeping it "awake " till 2:57 am..Looks like it time when yours truly night hawk hits his bed.. I beg your pardon..Sleeps.After all hitting the sack and sleeping are two altogether different processes..In the true words of a mathematician "two independent events .." Wait wait wait twist in the tale Counter Strike freak friend is back in the room and what else could have wished for at sharp 3am ..A nice home made ladoo..
And his PC is being booted in the meanwhile ..So looks like for AD-105 in Dhauladhar Hostel its still not time to hang the boots ,well quite literally I must say ..
Looks like LBC has plans for me ..Boy You have got timing ..May you live a 1000 years .As I was in the middle of the above sentence mentioning the great LBC.The phone rang and who else but the great LBC was on phone ..!! .So adios people..Good night ..Well Good morning would be more pleasant at 3:37 am..

Nano-ing It..!!

As I write this I am in the Lunch Break of a National Symposium being held at NIT ... An enthusiastic first session was enough to bring the blogger in me to the fore..
The first speaker of day Mr.Murthy ..oops Murty ..( as he said that if you include the "H" ..The reference will be to a CSE deptt professor at IIT-Madras ,his workplace..)..I really liked the way he fragmented his presentation smoothly ...Anyways the topic on the floor was Nano-technology..How everything can be "nanoed" down to a very small particle ..I really liked the way he introduced himself after he was introduced by the emcee .He said---- "Newton once said "I stand on the shoulders of the giants and from there I see the world from a new point of view..Therefore to call me a genius would be a mistake .All that I do is to add that small delta X to the already defined quantity ..Just that " " ..Anyways the way nano tech was made simple was impressive..How would it sound if you could reduce the Supercomputer down to a size of a small cube and yet as powerful as a billion laptops.. And how would it sound if the motherboard of your computers were floating in a liquid to reduce the heat generation ..And well how would it sound if people wore self cleansing shirts .. Urrgsss .. Anyways Nanotech this period of metamorphosis of technology... seems like the next big thing..with an expected annual budget of 30000 billion dollars in the US by 2020..It is definitely the thing to be.. India too are making rapid strides..However a Civil Engineer in me now begins to bang its head in desperation "When I am trying to make the Biggest dams... the longest bridges..tallest towers ..these Nano technicians are spending mind boggling amounts on Nanoing everything around them.." How small is actually small ..A nanometer is approximately 10 raise to the power -9 metres..40000th part of the hair thickness....However minus-ing the techinical aspects its a great field to work on..It did ring bells in my ear at least when he mentioned "Nano-cement" and self cleaning glasses for skyscrapers .. and how the lotus leaf's mechanism of shrugging off the water droplets are being utilized to make self cleansing materials using nanotechnology...
So as somebody once said "There is a lot of room at the bottom "..

Friday, November 16, 2007

Eastward Ho !!! Are we Ready..!!

A raging bull at the market .. Sensex on an all time high.. Ever increasing foreign investment... World's 4th richest man's home ..! Indian Bank Shares prices rising each day(wink wink ).More and more NRIs returning home .Are we not seeing a reversal in trend..But are we really ready to take it all this growth in such a minuscule period of time ..China and India are considered to be the place to be for any sector in the coming time...
Seeing the rupee being on an all time high might sound a great news to all laymen but for some industries its more of a "nightmare ".Gosh Rupee going stronger a nightmare!!! Ask the BPOs..their are almost sensing a rough time ahead..
Anyways thats for the Big Shots to discuss ..Where my thought process is headed are very basic questions that probably would nag any NIT\IIT student at this stage of his career."Whats for me ?" .
A jump to the west when all the happenings are here in my own home land or take up the challenge and make a mark here..Well I shall leave these decisions to the pundits ...By pundits I dont mean those "Poor Parrot " dependent sick pundits ..But rather the more experienced genre of engineers ... hey that reminds me of my earlier post "To be or not to be ..that is the question "... Eastward Ho..Am I taking my decisions correctly..Am I ready ??That is the question..

They always play blind...

They are the people who are perhaps the most influential in a child's life and beyond..when we are to our teens to most of us they are more of a strict school nut headed professor.. and when we reach our adulthood they are treated like "burdens"...even today hardly 1% elderly parents get the treatment that they actually deserve...
Funny is the fact that world is a damn round place .. what goes around comes around.. almost all parents go far beyond their imagination and perhaps capacity to give their children the best of just everything..regardless of what they get in return.. infact they put their entire life on a gambling table and hope that someday their offsprings give them the happiness that they truly deserved in their hay days.
My parents sent me to the best boarding school in this country ..Never cared where would the money to pay "ghastly " amounts of school fees would come from .... No business tycoons no media giants ..just simple middle class parents having a dream in their eyes and a hope in their heart.. Now that I am in NIT the onus is on me ..What I give them in return for all the blinds that they have played ... do I manage to be the Ace of Spades or just another card in the pack..They always play it blind .Don't they..

She is like a dream..!!!

In this journey through the hills..I found a companion in Jan 2002 and life has never been the same again ..
Blogs are too small a space to write her all down .. Funny how we suddenly find the sunsets and the sunrises a little more beautiful than the usual and ofcourse add to that the very Romanticism of being with your beloved holding hands and how suddenly you say "Now I realize why god made gaps between my fingers so that yours can fit into mine " ..ooohhh ..i love this one..
The ever rising phone bills..the very adventurous me that has evolved in these almost 6 years..
for all that she had made of me .. I bow down humbly in respect and gratitude ... I am what you have made of me ..
There are friends and then there are some more friends but amongst all of them you find one person who stays in the background always and yet be the one that really matters..The one that walks in when the whole world walks out... The one whose hands who hold tightly when you are afraid..the one whose name comes first to your lips when a bee stings your feet.. Its a nice feeling deep down your heart when you think ..I have at least tried to make that one person happy in my life ... when you might unintentionally hurt a thousand others ... She is no more a person she is a feeling epitome of beauty and grace .. for once this tiger would be on his knees to propose to this lady ... I have promise to keep .... I am ... You...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

To be or not to be....

That is the question..ringing some bells down all the ears..!!
to be an engineer or to be a doctor that is the question..
to be a topper @ sports or a race to the first spot in class..
To marry or not to marry ....
To propose the girl you always admire or to wait for some more time..
To pursue the career of your choice or what your parents want..
Isn't it funny that just one Shakespearian line almost effects every single decision of our life..
Few years back I remember asking my uncle very well settled in his sphere in Virginia .. Uncle Was it a good decision moving abroad after a Btech degree from IIT..Dont you miss home and relatives sometime ..To be or not to be .. That is the question..I still am looking for his answer...Funny I must say ..even top exes fail to answer simple straight forward questions..
For the last few days I have been trying for an internship in an US company ...
Same question has been banging my head ever since..To be or not to be..
To take the easier way through and do an intern from any of the 1000's companies here or try the difficult way out..!!
tough na ..
few days back i was going through my same uncle's blog ..he said his companies are seeing India as a major prospect for the future..Now tell me what should i call it .. I can happily announce it as a sweet step closer home..
I know India is doing it strides and inching closer to what can be called a major industry boom..Construction companies are ruling the roost .Finally Civil Engg is back in fray ... But still to be or not to be.. a civil engineer..that is the question..

A Journey through the hills !! first blog.!first question that anyone would ask is "why journey through the hills" ...10 years my friend 10 years in hills joke..!!! 7 years in St.George's College Mussoorie followed by now 3rd year running in National Institute of Technology..
So well my love for the hills refuses to die down..!!
Every time i travel home from here ..."Home " ... dont forget the word..!! just that in the last 10-11 years i can count number of days i might have spent at home can be counted on my fingers..I look at the vast mountains and realize well they are like my second home !!
Anyways life has been wonderful to me ..given me so much variety so much spice..
Meeting new people almost daily ...copying assignments(Cut copy paste work ) ...doing those last night fights ..Life in NIT is rocking man..!! and well life beyond NIT is even better.wink wink..!!
But behind all this lies a guy ..who from the shadowy corners of Patna has come to this place ..Seen a lot of turmoil..all around..
But even today when I see a Bihari speaking guy or some old bhojpuri classic my heart runs out to him..
My girlfriend perhaps has seen me perform late night dubious bhojpuri songs .. She would perhaps kill me for that..!!:)
3semester more to go..A lot of work to be done ... A lot of promises to be kept ...!! Loaded with dream eyes still long to be back home someday..though my definition of home has chnaged a bit ..

I Will Be Back....